Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in TN

By the time we got to Gram & Pop Pop's for Christmas, EC was a pro at unwrapping gifts.

EC was excited to open more presents

Hello?  It's a phone?

Oh no, wait- it's a microphone! 

Gram  & Pop Pop with EC

the three of us

EC loved playing with Ali Jo and Elizabeth (no pics of them all looking at the camera)

EC got to meet Aunt Ali's new dog- Piper

She looks just like Winnie! 

Em loved watching them run around and play together

It was SO cold, the TX winter has been pretty kind

the TN winter was freezing! 

It even snowed a little bit, but not much stuck to the ground

more presents

a new computer! 

the biggest package!  spoiler alert: it was a bread machine (that I love and have already made bread!)

the highlight of EC's trip- going to see Uncle Cody's brand new calf

She talked about it non-stop

she's looking at more cows 

Aunt Ali took her in the pen with the mama cow and the baby calf

This little girl was showing off at Granny B's Christmas celebration

Me & JT (the reason you read this blog) 

Aunt Ali & Uncle Cody

EC became fast friends with Cousin Becca

EC, Aunt Ali, and Cody

We had such a great trip!  We did so many more things and saw so many more people that we did not capture on camera.  EC loves visiting her family in TN!  We can't wait to go back! 

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