Monday, June 9, 2014

Ellis is ONE month old!

Happy one month birthday, Baby Ellis!

To say this month has been a little hard is an understatement.  But we kind of knew that going into this gig.  Ellis is a delight!  She's growing so much!  And we are all in love with her, especially her big sister.  Emme always wants to help feed her or get her a paci.  If Ellis is crying or fussing at all, EC is the first one to point it out- "Mom, Ellis is crying." 

Ellis still has the best chubby cheeks and dark hair.  We are pretty sure her eyes are going to be brown, but it's not 100% yet.  On our scales, she weighed 8 lbs 12 oz today. 

We started out on a rocky road of breastfeeding and she now takes bottles with a combination of breast milk and formula.  She drinks about 3 ounces each bottle and it still on a 3 hour schedule.  I tried stretching the schedule a little bit during the night one time, but it didn't go all that well.  And since she has been a little slow on gaining weight and has had some spitting up issues, I thought we better stick with the every 3 hours.  Occasionally, she eats closer to 2.5 hours.  I'll probably try going a little longer at night again this week. 

She's not the best napper I've ever seen!  It's a bit of a struggle getting her to sleep in her own bed.  I love structure and I thrive on a schedule.  I think Ellis is teaching me- it doesn't always work like that.  Sometimes, you have to learn to go with the flow.  Lots of learning opportunities for me!

And you know, I like to keep it real on this blog, so here's a few outtakes. 


Little Miss is just not that happy!  Oh wait!
She is happy!  She's perfectly content!  AS LONG AS SHE IS IN YOUR ARMS!!!  This is the tag line for our one month with Ellis Annabeth!  She wants to be held.  She can go to sleep in 5 seconds IF you're holding her.  Otherwise, it's a little iffy.  Sometimes, we can get her to fall asleep in the bouncer or swing.  Her bed- the last place she wants to sleep.   We've done a little crying it out, but it's hard when she's so young.  We will keep at it and "maybe" by my month 2 post, she will be better about sleeping in her bed.  No promises! 
And I have to include a sister pic!
Don't worry- I got smart and took Ellis' one month photos during EC's naptime.
My Dearest Ellis Annabeth-
You are the perfect addition to our family!  We love you so much.  Everyone wants to hold you- all the time.  We might have to take some of the blame for spoiling you.  They say the days are long, but the years are short.  And I know that is SO true.  We are trying to soak up every second of your newborn self.  You are snuggly and cuddly!  And we know, in the blink of an eye, you'll be a big girl.  I want to try to remember all the best things about you as a sweet little baby. 
Just this week, you've started really smiling.  It's pretty rare, but it melts my heart when you're looking right at me and break into a big grin.  Irresistible! 
You love playing on your play mat and we've heard a few coos out of you when you're on it.  And other than that, you sleep and eat!  Your big sister loves holding you and helping out with bottles and diaper changes.  Anytime you're crying, she offers to get your paci and put it in. 
Ellis- we couldn't be happier with you as a part of our family.  We hope you always know how special you are and how loved you are.  Mostly, we want you to know that you are loved by your Heavenly Father.  Our prayer is that you know Him and seek His will in your life. 
You are our baby girl!  And we adore you!
your mommy

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