Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heart Walkers

Again, this year we headed out to the Stockyards for the Heart Walk.  A few of the Color Me Rad 5k runners and the gusty winds tried to slow us down, but we prevailed.
Ali had the first go round of stroller pushing.
These two were off to a good start- lots of people and dogs to watch.

Jeremy took a turn with the stroller.

A few issues sharing the snacks, but all was well (even though they look bored out of their minds).

The whole gang- have you ever seen 2 kids looking more bored?!?!  Honestly, I "think" they had a good time!  In their defense, it was extremely windy so I'm sure they were a little worn down after battling the wind for 3 miles.  And we were all covered in layer of grit.

A little happier playing with the booster seats at the restuarant.

The final pic is EC's attempt at photography.  I was carrying her and the camera and she hit the silver button and snapped a shot as we were getting to the table!  Such a fun day with friends!

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