Friday, August 10, 2012


After getting back from a trip to Abilene, I was downloading all the photos onto my computer.  EC came and sat in my lap and loved looking at all the photos on the computer.  I decided to make her a photo album of her very own.  She loves it!  I wish I would have done this a long time ago.  Looking at the album captures her attention for at least 10 minutes (in toddler world, that's forever!).  She's had it about a week and so far, she's not bored with it. 
She comes running with her album, asking us to help her look at it.

We have all of our family in the album (and some of our best friends)!

She points at all the people, so we can tell her who it is. 

I also put pics of Winnie, Hank, and the horses- she especially loves those!

She really studies all the photos.

I love that my girl loves pictures [almost] as much as me!

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  1. LOVE it!! What a great idea. I should do this for Addy too!